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The postgraduate Smarttown

Many towns in the Baix Empordà have a common problem. They have many houses, streets, housing estates, very separated from each other and with difficult management and maintenance. This added to the fact that its inhabitants multiply by 10 or more during the summer season.

Currently, there are not many Smart solutions to control these needs, therefore, this project is born to be a test bed for these solutions and that can then be sold as products or services for the whole world.

More than a year ago, the City Council of Calonge i Sant Antoni launched the Alta Mar project, a Business Incubator that wants to be a benchmark on the Costa Brava. Calonge i Sant Antoni has been part of the SmartCAT Challenge, a project to solve the challenges that have arisen in six Catalan towns, during the years 2016 and 2017. Our municipality has been a test bed for the different Smart Cities projects presented in the competition.

Methodology Postgraduate

The methodology to be followed will be theoretical and practical. The students will receive the training and at the same time decide on a company project in groups (3-4 people) and will have the necessary support so that the project can be developed and carried out at the end of the program.

The projects presented will be made known in different environments, in order to be able to attract investment and/or equipment necessary to take the business idea forward.

The program consists of 100 training hours (33 hours on challenges and opportunities in the management of smart towns, 33 hours on technologies in Smart Cities and 34 hours on business management) plus 12 hours/project of tutorials by a mentor. At the end of the program, there will be a presentation and defense of the final project.

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Phase 1

Challenges and Opportunities of the Management of Smart Towns

Challenges and Opportunities of the Management of Smart Towns

33 Hours
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Phase 2

Phase 3

Entrepreneurship and Business Management

Entrepreneurship and Business Management

34 Hours
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Phase 4

Mentor and Personalized Tutoring by Project

Mentor and Personalized Tutoring by Project

12 Hours
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Access requirements

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From September 23rd of 2022 to December 22nd of 2022


Tuesdays, Thursdays (ONLINE) from 6pm to 9pm and Fridays (ON SITE) from 5pm to 8pm

Hybrid (Online and On-site)

Hybrid teaching methodology (2 days a week online and 1 day on-site)
80% attendance is required.

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